Accounting Course In Mumbai is the estimated course, preparing and processing and information for money related transactions about the economic entities. Say for organization and corporate level partnership. Accounting course, considered to be the “dialect of the business” measures the consequences of an association’s financial exercises and passes on this data to an assortment of clients, management, and regulators.

It is an addition to a subject and thirds subject of year choice. Your Accounting Course In Mumbai, this core courses covers Financial and Managerial Accounting Information Systems and quantitative methods.

At the same time concentrate on your interests and discretionary modules and including financial statement analysis, business laws, taxation, Corporate Finance, and International Financial Management.

Brainpoint aims at providing individuals with advanced training in the field of the financial Software application. You can go for this course after 12th or HSC. It is the Professional Course and has the numerous carrier options in the IT industry and even in the Professional Industry.

Brainpoint Accounting Course In Mumbai provides individual based training at our center at Grant Road. We have different batches as per the student’s requirements. This course will take the approximately one year to complete this course. Our institute hires experts to train students at Brainpoint one of the Accounting Course In Mumbai.

We will also assist you for the placement after you are done with your Accounting Course In Mumbai at our Brainpoint branch at Grant Road.

If you are looking for the professional course for your career than it has the best option of Tally Course to get the knowledge through the Practical training of how to use and get familiar to the Tally ERP.

There are different Accounting Course In Mumbai but this Tally ERP is designed & taught you by keeping it into the consideration of the Commerce and Non-commerce needs of the organizations.

Every platform of organization the business need to keep the accounting details of the business output shares and profits to rank best in the market.

We’ll help you to get the solution in the corporate world to work in the best position. It will help you to gain knowledge of complete Tally Operation.

It is one of the Government Certified Course.

The main aim of the Brainpoint Accounting Course In Mumbai is to train students with additional skills and knowledge required for their career perspective. You will be able to demonstrate the detailed knowledge and important understanding of the major theories and concepts in Accounting and Finance.

Under Financial A/C with GST:

  1. Creating a Company
  2. Company Configuration
  3. Setting up a new Company
  4. Ledger/creating Groups
  5. Account Heads/Voucher Entry
  6. Payment/Receipt Voucher
  7. Contra Entry
  8. Purchase/Sales Register
  9. Creating Cost Centers’
  10. Cost and Ratio Analysis
  11. Creating Trial Balance
  12. Viewing Statements of Accounts
  13. Profit and Loss Account
  14. Balance Sheet
  15. Bank Reconciliation
  16. Interest Calculation
  17. Bank & Cash Books
  18. Company Configurations and Controls
  19. TDS: Tax Deducted at Source
  20. GST Calculation


  1. Features
  2. Stock Groups
  3. Stock Items
  4. Physical Stock Voucher
  5. Creating Units of Measure
  6. Rejection in & out
  7. Purchase and Sales Order
  8. Multi-Currency
  9. Invoicing, Bills or Stock wise
  10. Debit/Credit Notes
  11. Budgets and Control
  12. Multiple Go-downs
  13. Rejection Notes
  14. Sales plan / Purchase plan
  15. Printing of Accounts
  16. Maintaining Physical Stocks
  17. Display of Accounts
  18. Inventory Details and Statements
  19. Interest Calculation
  20. Print Preview

Brainpoint, an Accounting Course In Mumbai. Use the fast track for Tally ERP 9 to teach you. Tally ERP 9 is used for Accounting and to generate reports of the organization.

Through our Accounting Course In Mumbai, you will be able to reach the standard business accounting software. This is a very understandable product and it is the best solution for business management.

As we are providing Accounting Course In Mumbai we consider the Tally ERP 9 Software as one of the Easy and Understandable Accounting Software all over the Globe. Through our Accounting Course in Mumbai, we will guide you properly to an individual for business corporations to maintain their books of Accounts for your business. Therefore, it is very crucial to maintain the record of all monetary transactions and it is capable of handling almost all kind of business transactions.

It is one of the most demanding course by the students. Where it is completely accounting software to is managed well in small and medium organizations. It completely looks toward the accounting and inventory management software and offers various facilities to the users such as ratio analysis, cash, and flow fund and move on.

The scope for you, as accounting experts depends upon on your interest and benefits of it, is to get a good job in the accounting field. It’s good for the fresher’s and commerce students

Tally is largely considered and it is treated as simply because it is easy to use, operates at high speeds, robust and powerful, highly versatile and flexible and by comparing other Software’s of accounting to execute/pass any journal entry you must specify codes to software but in Tally no code of matter at all.

Our Accounting Course In Mumbai will simply provide you the best method to work with Tally ERP Software along with the features that will enable you to keep the record of the business transactions in the very easiest method. You can record activity related to an economy for your business by initiating and maintaining masters, vouchers and generating reports.

Brainpoint an Accounting Course In Mumbai trains you to perform and manage all of the major accounting operations in business.

  • Interest Calculation
  • Cost Centers and Profit Centers
  • Cash and Fund Flow
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Cheque Management
  • E-Payments
  • Balance Sheet and P&L
  • Multi-currency