Computer IT hardware and networking certification accreditation are critical while looking for occupations in the IT business or when working for any significant organization with a refined IT framework. Taking a gander at the present extension in occupations in equipment and systems administration zone is in the billions of dollars.

Equipment and Networking Certification Opportunities

There are a lot of openings for work for the individuals who have taken IT Hardware and Networking accreditation courses. Openings extend from beginning your very own business or going along with one of Brainpoint’s current accomplice organizations for a 100% activity position ensure. There is an absence of equipment and systems administration experts, while interest for guaranteed understudies is high. As of now, all real partnerships deal with their business on the cloud. It has turned out to be exceptionally basic for organizations in all enterprises to keep up abnormal amounts of IT security and furthermore stay aware of the quick changing PC equipment industry.

Image result for IT HARDWARE & NETWORKING TRACKComputer IT Hardware Certification

At Brainpoint, our transient courses in PC equipment is shown utilizing present-day evaluation framework. Our equipment course will make you a specialist at PC fix. Subjects secured incorporate chip, memory, motherboard, screens, gathering a PC, working with printers and scanners, equipment investigating aptitudes, server equipment, to give some examples.

Finding out about the working of the machines, discovering how they work, figuring out how to settle or supplant these parts and considerably more is the manner by which you will win your equipment accreditation. This equipment organizing declaration isn’t simply to show you the nuts and bolts, however, this information sets you up to have the capacity to stay aware of new machines that are discharged in the market day by day.

An equipment confirmation will make you a specialist in PCs and their fix. An alum of this accreditation could undoubtedly open up their own business of PC fix and with the affirmation, you will have an expertise that all organizations search for while enlisting PC equipment experts.

New and quick machines are continually being made by organizations, getting an equipment confirmation encourages you to offer certainty to managers in your capacities.

Systems administration Certification

Systems administration is the way toward interconnecting diverse PCs to share assets. The Internet itself is a monstrous system. On the off chance that there is in excess of a solitary PC in an office or a home that is additionally viewed as a system.

Getting your systems administration accreditation is critical for finding a vocation. Through a systems administration course you will figure out how to set up a system, the distinction between an individual system and a neighborhood from a metropolitan or wide region arrange. Today, all organizations and associations keep running on PC systems. It is the activity of a person with an equipment and systems administration affirmation to recognize the best system and furthermore guarantee that it runs safely and easily inside the organization.Image result for IT HARDWARE & NETWORKING TRACK

Getting the nuts and bolts of equipment and systems administration from a presumed establishment is key while going for employment. At Brainpoint, we are banded together with India’s greatest names in the IT and different ventures. Your aptitudes as an equipment and systems administration expert will be put to utilize promptly.


Unit 1:

  1. Introduction to Computers
  2. Serial Port and Parallel Port
  3. The concept of Operating System

Unit 2

  1. Introduction to Computer Networks
  2. Communication Media & Connectors
  3. Network Components
  4. Protocols

Practical Lab:

  1. IT Hardware
  2. Installation if a PC
  3. Window Installation
  4. Components of Computer Network
  5. Comprising & Punching
  6. Cabling
  7. Install & Configure a Network
  8. The configuration of Data Communication Equipment
  9. IP Addressing & TCP/IP
  10. Other Network Protocols.