Brainpoint SYJC IT Training Classes in Mumbai coversthe Syllabus of S.Y.J.C. IT (Commerce) covers the prospectus arranged by Maharashtra State Board Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune. IT as a subject is totally new for trade understudies we would cover themes of the prospectus with useful angles. In the wake of taking in this program and for your appropriate readiness the understudy can accomplish astounding outcome in Board Exam.

Course Contents:

  1. Making a Simple Web Page with HTML
  2. HTML Tags and Attributes
  3. Hyperlinks
  4. Picture Maps
  5. Casings
  6. Structures
  7. Prologue to CGI Scripting
  8. Inserting Java Applets
  9. Sound and Video
  10. Web Servers
  11. Digital Law and Ethics
  12. Prologue to Cyber Law
  13. Licensed innovation Rights
  14. Security, Privacy and Control
  15. Prologue to Ecommerce,
  16. Security Issues Relating to E-Commerce
  17. Essential Concepts of Communication
  18. Prologue to Networking
  19. Sorts of Network
  20. System Topologies
  21. Prologue to Bitmap and Vector
  22. Distinctive Sound Formats
  23. Prologue to Image Formats
  24. Information Compression
  25. Analytic Utilities
  26. PC Virus
  27. Prologue to Tally/Ex
  28. Arranging a Company
  29. Taking care of Company Data
  30. Ace Creations
  31. Vouchers, Reports.


  1. To gain the fundamental learning of data innovation.
  2. To take in the ideas of substance creation.
  3. To grow the abilities to get to the data utilizing the web.
  4. To procure aptitudes for production of static/powerful web applications utilizing interactive media.
  5. To build up a capacity to utilize office robotization apparatuses.
  6. To perceive the territories of data innovation applications.
  7. To build up a capacity to execute IT in instruction.
  8. To comprehend the effect of internet business.
  9. To obtain abilities of information introduction.

SYJC IT Training Classes in Mumbai coordinated multiyear degree course separated into six semesters. The confirmation will be according to the rules issued by the University of Mumbai. The focal point of the program is IT and Management of IT.

  1. To give essential contributions to different viewpoints and an expansive comprehension of IT and its other disciplinary interfaces.
  2. To collaborations data innovation in all its

The program substance is hypothesis and pragmatic situated. Understudies should apply more so as to get a handle on the abilities and ideas. Magnificent offices are given to practical’s on PC related subjects through PC focus of the College.

The course is isolated into six semesters and there is ceaseless assessment process through tests, instructional exercises, and assignments.

A possibility for being qualified for admission to the degree course of Bachelor of Science-Information Technology in our SYJC IT Training Classes in Mumbai, will have passed XII standard examination of the Maharashtra Board of Higher Secondary Education or it’s equal with Mathematics and Statistics as one of the subjects and ought to have anchored at the very least 45% stamps in total for open classification and 40% checks in total in the event of saved class hopefuls.

Applicants who have passed Diploma in Information Technology/Computer Technology/Computer Engineering/Computer Science/Electrical, Electronics and video Engineering and Allied Branches/Mechanical and Allied Branches/Civil and Allied Branches of are qualified for direct admission to the Second Year of the B.Sc. (I.T.) degree course.

Be that as it may, the Diploma ought to be perceived by the Board of Technical Education or some other perceived Government Body. Least stamps required 45% total for open classification hopefuls and 40% total for held class applicants.


Semester III

  1. Python Programming
  2. Data Structures
  3. Computer Networks
  4. Database Management Systems
  5. Applied Mathematics


  1. Core Java
  2. Introduction to Embedded System
  3. Computer Oriented Statistical Techniques
  4. Software Engineering
  5. Computer Graphics and Animation

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