Brainpoint has come up with new program Tally with GST Training Institute in Mumbai in our classroom at Brainpoint. We are here the team of experts to give the solution to the queries. We are an updated version of the software as soon as the market changes. Tally is an on-premise accounting solution that caters primarily to small and midsize businesses across several industries. It provides business functionalities including accounting, finance, inventory, sales, purchase, point-of-sales, manufacturing, job costing, and payroll and branch management.

Our tally with GST institute will help you to deal at any organization in Mumbai as well as all over the India where it is applicable.

Earlier, business transactions were recorded manually in form of “Cash book, ledger book, journal books etc.” which required a lot of space & paperwork. With the advent of technology, new software was created to be known as “Tally” which facilitates easy recording of business transactions & also cater to storage problems.


Create company and Activate GST in company Level:

  1. Lesson objectives
  2. Create company
  3. Activate GST in Tally ERP 9
  4. Self-examination

Creating masters and set GST rates:

  1. Lesson Objectives
  2. Create Stock Group
  3. Create Stock Items
  4. Select Single and Multiple Cells
  5. Set GST Rates for Stock Group and Stock Items
  6. Create GST Classification
  7. Self-Examination

Creating tax ledgers:

  1. Lesson Objectives
  2. Create Central Tax Ledger
  3. Create State Tax Ledger
  4. Create Integrated Tax Ledger
  5. Create Cess Ledger
  6. Self-Examination

Recording GST sales and Printing invoices:

  1. Lesson Objectives
  2. Create Party Ledger –
  3. Create Sales Ledger
  4. Record Local Sales Transactions
  5. Printing Local Sales Invoice
  6. Self-Examination

Recording GST interstate sales and printing invoices:

  1. Lesson Objectives
  2. Create Party Ledger
  3. Creating Simple Formulas
  4. Create Interstate Sales Ledger
  5. Recording Interstate Sales
  6. Print Interstate Sales Invoice
  7. Self-Examination

Recording and advance payment to supplier under GST:

  1. Lesson Objectives
  2. Create Party Ledger
  3. Create Bank Ledger
  4. Record Advance Payment
  5. Self-Examination

Recording GST Local Purchase:

  1. Lesson Objectives
  2. Creating Party Ledger
  3. Creating Purchase Ledger
  4. Record Local Purchase Transaction
  5. Self-Examination

Recording GST Interstate Purchase:

  1. Lesson Objectives
  2. Creating Party Ledger – PTS Tech Solutions
  3. Creating Interstate Purchase Ledger
  4. Record Interstate Purchase Transactions
  5. Self-Examination

Tally ERP 9 with GST is a bookkeeping program that gives you a chance to follow and deal with the majority of your records through our training institute in Mumbai, deals, obligations, and everything else identified with the running of your business.

Tally 9 is principally utilized in India, and you can test it out for nothing. With Tally, you can follow the majority of your costs with only a couple of keystrokes.

After you have upgraded Tally to the newest version of Tally, it is now time to set up GST details in Tally.ERP 9.

For that, first, you have to enable GST in Tally and then set up all the details.

Basically, you need to enter GST number, date from which it is applicable and so on.

Once you enter all the details, it will be easy for you to pass the necessary entries in Tally related to GST.

Passing GST Accounting Entries in Tally is as simple as passing straightforward buy and deals sections in Tally.

You simply need to modify a few settings and set the rates for various things or administrations you are moving.

This post is very long and will require a significant stretch of time to comprehend everything that I have clarified.

When you comprehend the procedure, it will be simple for you to pass the GST Sales and Purchases sections without breaking a sweat.

Simply ahead and read the post to know how you can pass GST Accounting Entries in Tally, particularly Sales and Purchases Vouchers.

Making GST Invoice in the correct organization is vital since, in the event that you are not following the law, you can be punished for that.

Luckily, in Tally.ERP 9, GST Invoice is set up with taking into consideration every one of the standards and controls of the GST law.

In this post, I have clarified how you can without much of a stretch make GST Invoice in Tally including HSN/SAC and also dealing with the legitimate controls.

Peruse the post to comprehend what are the subtleties that are vital and ought to be on the GST Invoice and how you can empower them in Tally.ERP 9 with GST training institute in Mumbai.

Tally.ERP 9, GST is programming which our institute in Mumbai offers you for records and stock administration, which is utilized for performing numerous capacities which are gainful in business.

* Performing all fundamental bookkeeping capacities

* Estimating work costing

* Storing subtleties and overseeing stock things

* Managing finance

* Filing government form, overseeing benefit, and misfortune articulation, setting up a monetary record, preliminary equalization, income report, and so on.

* Maintaining spending situations.

* Calculating enthusiasm on the exceptional sum.

* Managing information over various areas and synchronize it.

The device is so strong that even the shutting down of a machine or failure of power at some point of functioning does no longer have an effect on the information stored in Tally.ERP 9 database. High-quality data integrity checks at regular levels ensure records dependability.

An itemized client might be provided overseer rights to check for exactness of sections entered by methods for endorsed clients and make changes any place required. Examined passages related to modifications made are shown with the call of the client who has made the one’s changes with the season of trade.